Aloe Ferox is a heirloom Aloe species that indigenous to South Africa that dates back to the days of Cleopatra. Its contains 96% water & over 130 natural healing actives known to increase oxygen supply with polysaccharides that stimulate growth. Aloe Ferox juice extract transports moisture, nutrients & repairs damage dehydrated cells within the hair follicles & skin to build keratin production encouraging vibrant strong healthy skin and hair growth.



BAOBAB OILThe Baobab tree aka "The upside down tree" is indigenous to Southern Africa. It produces fruit between February and May which yields a non-drying seed oil and fruit powder that's high in Vitamin C.  

  • Baobab Oil is a non-drying oil that is high in omega fatty acids known to condition & soften. Packed with vitamin C to assist with elasticity making hair more flexible and powerful anti-aging benefits. Acts as an insulator to protect the hair & skin from excessive high and low heat temperatures along with powerful antioxidants that protects that hair & skin from free radical damage.


East African Shea butter 

East African Shea aka Nilotica Shea is rare & indigenous to Uganda & Sudan. It's prized as the silkiest Shea butter on the market that's certified organic by IMO & Fair Trade by women's cooperative in Uganda.  

Nilotica Shea has a unique fatty acid profile that contains about 25% higher olein content that produces a non-waxy, light nutty aroma, soft velvety smooth textured butter. The high olein make this butter trans-dermal as it readily melts & absorbs into beards, hair and skin leaving a luxurious conditioned soft silky feel. Not to mention the therapeutic properties such as vitamin A,E&F that may combats the signs of aging & ​reduces the appearances of dark spots while adding deep moisture to dry skin.

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