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Meet Our CEO


Personal care products inspired by nature, to a more beautiful you naturally is the aspiration and mission of Nycole Naturals the brand and its CEO and founder Nicole Hatfield. Possessing such creativity, strength and perseverance, this motivating soul has demonstrated how having a passion and being devoted has compelled her to create products with a cause. 

 Her increasing desire for knowledge to help live out her purpose and to fulfill her destiny, keeps her on a quest of constantly learning. She loves to teach in hopes of compelling others to live out their purpose to fulfill their God given destiny here on earth. She is a loving and supporting mother, whose son has earned a Bachelor of Chemistry degree. She trained him how to formulate, in hopes that he will come on board bringing his chemistry expertise to help expand their family business. Her compassion for others and commitment to supporting causes that empowers her community has lead her to supporting global artisan under the fair trade movement. Empowering women, helps build a strong nation is a core value that motivates her to make a difference. By educating, raising social awareness that makes a direct & positive impact on impoverishes communities economically.