Hair Growth Info

Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation Helpful Tips

There is no magic potion or vitamins that will grow your hair beyond its natural growth rate. Scalp creams, sprays, serums and vitamins are added bonus to promote healthy hair growth. Hair grows and sheds every 31 days. 

Dehydrate cells within hair follicles can cause hair to become brittle, dry & fragile. This could be caused by numerous factors such as environmental pollution, nutrient deficiency, lack of moisture, product build-up & stress. Maintaining proper moisture and protein balance in your hair prevents breakage and encourages hair growth.

Environmental pollution is where toxic chemicals, particulate matter such as dirt/debris, smoke, metals, hydrocarbons, and or volatile organic compounds from (air conditioners) settles on the scalp and hair which can lead to oxidation stress and hair loss. Regular use of shampoo's that contains chelating agents, detox herbs or mineral clays etc will help remove some of the deposits.  Coconut and other polymerized oils applied to the hair helps protect and prevent re-entry of pollutants into the hair. 

Product build-up

Product build-up on hair strands and follicles can cause dryness & hair loss.

Causes of product build-up
  • Hard water
  • Styling Gels
  • Co-washing only method
  • Petro & Wax base products