Dry Skin Info

Hydrate Your Sweet Skin!

In today’s environment, many contributing factors can or may cause dry irritated skin. It is imperative that we take preventative measures to keep our skin hydrated & moisturized. Here at Nycole Naturals we strive to educate and provide effective skin care solutions that empower our clients to achieve silky soft even tone radiant skin.

Your skin is comprised of three regions that consists of multiple strata layers

Regions / Layers

Outer (epidermis) stratum corneum a thick flattened dead skin cell that contains (keratin) plus other waxy substances alsoknown as (horny layer); is the primary wall defense to protect your bloodstream. It has been determined that dead skin cells sheds every 31 days to allow the lower layers of skin to flourish to the surface producing new skin cells.
Middle (dermis)stratum lucidum is second layer that’s produces keratin
Lowest (hypodermis)stratum spinosum produces new cells and pushes upwards.

These layers aka skin barriers have functions that benefits your overall skin appearance warding against unwanted external chemicals that would cause reverse actions in the name of various skin diseases. Not all chemicals are bad for your skin as the true hydrator “H2O” water fills the outer layer plumping up your skin; allowing it to receive other actives before flattening the layer. Our skin is acidic around PH of 5.5; this helps to ward off any harmful bacteria and fungi. Body care products are typically alkaline which may cause skin dryness and or irritation.

Below are two major causes of dry skin!

Dehydration is the number one cause of dry hair and skin. Divide your body weight in half. This is the number of ounces you should drink daily to stay hydrated. It may help if you drink 8 oz of water 1 hr upon awaking and every hour thereafter, until four hrs before bedtime. You must drink more water if you exercise; use a computer, cell phone, and or smoke. Consult with your doctor!

Nutrient deficiency can cause a host of health problems. Lack of vital nutrients may result in many skin issues. Try consulting a nutritionists or a dietitian for guidance. It may help to consume a diet that consists of 80% vegetables, fruits & 20% lean meats as this will supply your body with proper fuel and nutrients to sustain your health. A whole food multi-mineral vitamin may be taken to supplement your diet if you are not able to consume a balance diet daily. Get routine check-ups with your doctor.

To receive optimal skin hydration you must protect your skins natural barrier. Important tips to know:

➢ Use sulfate-free cleansers
➢ Apply butters & oils such as Shea, Cocoa butter & Olive oil etc to damp skin daily
➢ Exfoliate skin with dry brushing or scrubs to help assist with removal of dead skin cells as this allows actives into the skin.
➢ Dry plenty of water
➢ Never use a water or aloe base product that has no preservatives, as this is a breeding ground for bacteria. Skin bacteria/fungi can cause all kinds of skin problems.
➢ Consult with your doctor or Dermatologist to diagnose and treat any skin discomforts.