Damaged Hair Info

Damaged Hair Helpful Tips

Damaged hair can be caused by numerous factors.

Extensions / Wigs can cause breakages if hair is pulled to tightly and or wig worn daily without proper maintain of your hair.

Flat iron / Blow drying performed regularly can cause damage to the hair bonds resulting in a change of your hair pattern. Leaving your hair brittle, dull and lifeless.

Hair coloring with bleaching agents breaks down the hair bonds, changing the structure leaving it more susceptible to dryness results in breakage.

Excessive Shampooing depletes your hair of it's natural moisture causing it to become dry and brittle.

Mechanical damage such as rough handling, pulling, detangling with a small tooth comb causes split ends and breakage.

How to determine if you have damaged hair?
  • Brittle hair feels dry and rough
  • Excessive shedding and or breakage
  • Split ends and or fly-a-aways
  • Lack luster or color fades rapidly
  • Spongy or matted when wet
How to repair damage hair?
Damage hair needs a balance of moisture and protein along with a good trim.

1. Use a moisture enrich conditioner every week until your hair shows improvement.
2. Alternate with a moisture enrich conditioner and a PH balance (4.5 - 5.0) protein enriched conditioner to smooth the cuticle layers which protects the hair shaft from further damage.
3.Trim / Cut is imperative if you have split ends and hair breakages.