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About us

Personal care products inspired by nature, to a more beautiful you naturally!

Need help hydrating your dry hair & skin? We got your covered! Our personal care products hydrates, moisturizes, and softens without the use of harsh chemicals.


Nycole Naturals was inspired by my desire to use natural beauty regimens that were safe, but yet effective. As a young adult I suffered from cystic acne, I tried just about every acne remedy with little success of riding them. After attending holistic health seminars and conducting my own research, I realize the main issue was my diet. I made some changes in my diet and began using African Black Soap and Shea Butter, my skin improved drastically!

My friends and family were very impressed with my skin transformation; they would request I make products for their skin. Therefore, I started selling African Black Soap, Shea Butter and my own concoctions. In 2010, I did a big chop sporting my natural hair and decided I wanted to expand my product line by formulating personal care products. I dedicated several years in learning & researching the cosmetic formulating industry. 

 I am proud to offer Nycole Naturals, personal care products developed & formulated by me. Our products will help maintain moisture for soft glowing skin and hydrate low porosity hair to promote healthy hair growth, Naturally!


Our Mission

To develop personal care products using eco-certified, plant base actives and fair trade ingredients that are effective solutions for dry hair & skin.
(Eco-certified are ingredients derived from natural renewables sources that are extracted using environmentally friendly processes)
    (Plant base actives are natural in origin and environmentally sustainable which is indigenous to the soil/earth. These actives contain various nutrients that aids in hydrating & softening your hair and skin)

      Our Products Benefits

      Our hair care products is exclusively formulated to penetrate low porosity hair textures to effectively define, hydrate, moisturized, and revive dry coils.

      Our skin care products is exclusively formulated to imitate the skin's natural lipid structure by easily penetrating releasing actives that will hydrate, moisturize, and plump up your sweet skin. Leaving you with silky soft glowing skin. 


      Our Values

      We will continually seek after natural origin ingredients that’s fairly traded to create quality personal care products that benefits you, global artisan and our environment. 

      Our passion is to help empower artisans world wide economically by purchasing their fair trade goods. As we believe.....

      Empowering women, helps build a strong nation!

      Our desire is...

      • To raise social awareness regarding fair trade and why purchasing products made with fair trade ingredients makes a direct and positive impact economically, socially and politically on improverished communities.
      • To empower consumers to help us make a difference by purchasing with a cause. Purchasing our products gives global artisan financial freedom to support their families. 

        Our products do not contain:
        No Animal Testing or raw goods that has been tested on Animals
        No Petroleum base ingredients
        No Synthetic colors 
        No Parabens & formladehyde or ingredients that uses them as a preservative
        No Silicones
        No Phthlates