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Hair Porosity
Porosity is the rate which hair absorbs liquid & holds it. A liquid such as water is the main hydrating agent that penetrates down to the cortex plumping and softens the hair. 

 Tightly closed cuticles scales (non-porous) lay flat protecting the cortical fibres to prevent protein loss. Healthy hair that is in good condition is non-porous. However, this makes it difficult for water & other ingredients to absorb immediately into the hair shaft. Various raw ingredients can build up easily onto the outer layer of the hair strands, further preventing water from entering. As a result, this causes brittle dry & dull hair. Many may refer this as "Low Porosity.”

Our low porosity hair care collection

Hydrates as it increases water uptake by penetrating into the hair shaft

Moisturizes due to a combination of light oils and actives that penetrate while locking in water hydration.

Shines as various oils & actives seals by adhering a breathable & flexible film to the hair shaft.

Growth/Retention is achieved due to proper hydration, cleansing and hydration!    

Low Porosity Hair

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East African Shea Butter

Hair & Skin Moisturizer

East African Shea Butter

East African Shea Butter


WANT SOFT, SILKY GLOWING SKIN! Love coconut oil but allergic! Niltoica Shea is Africans version of coconut oil that trans-dermal and will condition your beard, hair & skin leaving it hydrated with a silky soft feel.  CERTIFIED ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE CAUTION: Nilotica shea melts at temp above 65F. Please consider this when purchasing in...

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